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Ruth has studied dance and movement in many forms from ballet, contemporary, jazz, improvisation to teaching movement to special needs groups, the elderly and mental health.

She has been running groups for 22 years and has performed in different settings as a solo artist as well as collaborating with other artists and musicians. She became fascinated by Egyptian dance in 1990 and went on to study it in further depth.  After her training as an Integrative Body Psychotherapist, she founded Belly Dance Therapy in 2003 which is an integration of Belly Dance and psychotherapy. She has facilitated courses, one day workshops, and one to one sessions in Belly Dance Therapy since it's conception.

She is passionate about encouraging women to reclaim, reconnect and be proud of their bodies just as they are. She believes in the interlink between the body, mind and emotions and holds a private practice as an Integrative Body Psychotherapist and Supervisor (UKCP registered) in North London.

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