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The Full Course



The belly dance movements will be taught in an organic, sensitive manner, so that they may be integrated into your body at your own pace. Posture and breathing will be focused on, in order for you to take care and value your body. You will be able to explore a new belly dance movement at each session. You will also practice together what you have learnt each week to different pieces of music, following the teacher. The following movements will be introduced: - side to sides with the hips; hip drops; shimmies; vertical figure of eights (or 'push-downs'); camels; horizontal figure of eights; half circles; turns; and how to integrate the arms. You will learn to isolate your hips, ribs and shoulders and build up a vocabulary of movements and choose which movements your body prefers.

The course encourages you to be creative with your dance to make it your own. The course will promote a greater feeling of acceptance and confidence in your body. The emphasis will be on how it feels on the inside of your body.

Being together in a group for six weeks in a supportive environment will mean you will get to know the other group members, feel more comfortable, and build up a feeling of trust. It is possible that being together, focusing on your body, and learning some belly dance movements, can bring up feelings, sensations and memories in the sessions. This is part of you learning about yourself. The group will be a safe, contained, supportive environment for you, if you choose, to give feedback on your experience. This will help you to value and to integrate your responses into your whole being.

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